We are a record label & artist branding agency startup in Pakistan


Skadana believes in self-sufficiency; instead of Pakistani artists rushing to low-end labels abroad, we provide them with facilities that will allow them to reach the heights they aspire in the music industry. To support this nation's immense talent, we offer avenues for up and coming artists to engineer sounds, plan shows, market their music, sell their products, and network in the music industry to ensure passage to fame.

Our proactive approach allows our signed artists to capitalize on the development of a premium record label. We provide outstanding services to artists seeking commercial success while keeping the intent to preserving their creativity and uniqueness. Our focus is to keep our artists vision and hand them creative control in the construction of a record. We provide a close-knit relationship between the client and ourselves.

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We are a record label, and an artist branding agency working on products that combine music and technology together.

Record Label

We release your music on on all digital stores, and monetize your content on streaming services.

Machine Learning & Music

We are currently working on a machine learning algorthim for streaming services.

Events & Radio Shows

If you'd like to be involved in our crew, please email us your work at demos@skadana.co

Artist Branding

We also offer social media marketing to artists, along with crafting websites and producing design work. Visit our branding website for more information.

Our Crew

Artists that love working with us

Our Projects

Events we have curated locally and internationally

The Last Resort

content releasing soon

The people that make it happen

Fun fact: We all are musicians


Room 7, 9th Floor, Arfa Karim Tower, Ferozepuroad, Lahore, PK

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